Facebook | New Data Sharing Policies are Crashing | Tinder

Facebook | New Data Sharing Policies are Crashing | Tinder

Today New News I find in Social Media about Facebook new data sharing Policies are Crashing, i read this articles from www.wired.com, in this article i read that facebook sharing policies are Crashing,

Tinder Says "A technical issue prevented some users from accessing our service earlier today. We found a resolution and quickly resumed service. We ask our users to ensure that they have updated the app and are running the most recent version," a spokesperson said in a statement. The company declined to answer followup questions about exactly what aspect of Facebook's new policies caused the glitch.Today, Facebook made a series of changes to the kinds of data third-party apps can collect from the social network. The adjustments are designed to limit the information apps can gather from users following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, which Facebook now says may have affected up to 87 million users, up from the "approximately" 270,000initially reported to have downloaded the app by the social media giant in March.

The new policies appear to be affecting the performance of the dating app Tinder. Users on Twitter, as well as several people in WIRED's offices, have reported issues logging into the app, instead finding themselves in a never-ending loop between Facebook and Tinder: If you try to log into Tinder with your Facebook account, the app asks you to provide Facebook more permissions. But if you tap "ask me," the only option available, the app requests again that you log into Facebook. This process continuously repeats. Downdetector, a site that monitors website and app outages, is also reporting an uptick in problems related to the dating app today."

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