Make Money Easily With Android app Useful Tips

How Make Money Easily With Android app Useful Tips:

Hi Friend How are You Today I want to Tell You how you can make money from android aap easily earn up to $60/month from admob.

i want to share you how i can make money from android aap, some steps how to create admob account, how to create android app and how to set an unit id in android aap,
You can watch video on you tube search 
  1. how to create admob account
  2. how to create android using thunkable or android studio
  3. how to set admob ad-unit ids in android aap,

My Help Ful Tips to Make Money Throug Admob

coding and profession aap making is to difficult for non-profeesional person, first you learn how to create admob account, android aap, set admob ad-unit ids, after this you need to purchase a google paly store account in $25, where you can publish your android aap, 
you need to create a trending application topic like whatsaap group link aap,   or make carton video android aap, and publish into the play store,  and you wait at least one month,
please do not make self-click , just wait after 1 month you should see the results, yours application are downloading and you start to earn money daily atomatically,  you should earn  in first month almost $20 and after this every month your revenew is increasing daily,  but should patient , don't make self click, 
and almost upload 2 application every month to get more income,
i personally use this method and earning $60 easily and my revenu is increasing every month,
i create to simple android aaps and no advertise my aap, just upload android aap in play store and my earning is started.
 i think this is very useful tips for biggners,
you should follow this and make money from android aap,
you don't need to make profession.

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