Admob Monetization New Policy 2019 in Hindi/Urdu

Admob Monetization New Policy 2019 in Hindi/Urdu

Aaj mein aap ko AdMob ki new policy k bary mein butane Jaa Raha hon. Admob Monetization new policy ko har android app developer ko janana chaiey agr Nahi jane ga tou account damage ho skta he, ais leay ais article ko lazmi read kar len, taa k aap ka AdMob account save reh sky

Admob Monetization New Policy 2019 Updates

Admob Ads Setting New Policy:

hum pahly yeh kar rahe thy k ek android app mein kafi sary ads laga rahe thy, likin ab ki new admob policy k mutabiq hum itne ziada ads nahi laga sken gya ziada ads lagane se admob account bhi disable ho skta he ais k leay hum sirf ek screen pr ek hi banner aur sirf ek interstitial ad ka use karen gya, taa k  bina kisi problem k humara account activate reh sky, app admob ki new policy k mutabik sirf ek hi banner ad aur ek interstitial ad hi use karen taa k bad mein bina kisi problem k app ki app chalty rahy ais k leay app admob ads ki practices wali videos bhi watch kar skty hein joo k aap k leay bhut helpful hon gi, link pr click kar k app admob ki site wali videos ko dhek skty hein

Admob Ads Implementation policies 2019 in English

  1. Ads should not be placed very close to or underneath buttons or any other object such that the placement of the ad interferes with a user’s typical interaction with the app or ad
  2. Ads should not be placed in a location that covers up or hides any area that users have an interest in viewing during the typical interaction. Ads should not be placed in areas where users will randomly click or place their fingers on the screen.
  3. Ads should not be placed on a 'dead end' screen. There must be a way to exit a screen without clicking the ad (for example, a 'back' or 'menu' button). Otherwise, the user should be notified that the home button will exit the application.
  4. Ads should not be placed in applications that are running in the background of the device or outside of the app environment. It should be clear to the user which application the ad is associated with or implemented in. Examples include: ads served in widgets; ads launched before the app has opened or after the app has closed.
  5. Ads should not be placed in a way that prevents viewing the app’s core content. Ads should not be placed in a way that interferes with navigating or interacting with the app’s core content and functionality. Examples include: an interstitial ad triggered every time a user clicks within the app.
  6. Publishers are not permitted to place ads on any non-content-based pages such as thank you, error, login, or exit screens. These are the screens that visitors may see upon launching the app, before potentially leaving the app or after performing a specific action on the screen such as a purchase or download. Ads that are the main focus on these types of screens can confuse a visitor into thinking that the ads are actual content, so do not place ads on such screens.
this information is taken from the above link you can read this article from the above link for more about AdMob new policy 2019 for ads monetization,

Authors Suggestions:

tamam AdMob users ais policy k mutabik apni android apps mein ads implement Karen agr ads ais policy k mutabik naa Howey tou aap ka revenue khabi bhi down ho skta he, agr AdMob ne aap ki app ki monetization off  kar di tou app k ads k impression Nahi aaien gya aur earning zero pr Chali jay gi be careful and use only one ad on onScreen.

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