How to Connect Video Status App Php Admin Panel to Web Hosting or Php Website

How to Connect Video Status App Php Admin Panel to Web Hosting

 Friends Today I want to tell you how to connect your Video Status App Php Admin panel to Web Hosting and Same process for Php website, today I want to tell you to step by step how to connect your PHP admin panel source code to web hosting.

Table of Content For Video Status App Php Admin Panel:

  1. Web hosting For Video Status App Admin Panel
  2. Web Hosting Cpanel
  3. MySql Database
  4. PhpMyAdmin
  5. File Manager

1.Web hosting For Php Admin Panel

friends Video Status App ko Php Admin Panel se Connect Karne k leay app k Pass Webhosting honi zaroori he or yeh web hosting app GoDaddy ya phr Kisi dosri hosting ko purchased kar skty hein.

2. Web Hosting Cpanel

Open you are hosting Cpanel and in this Cpanel, you See 3 folder (FileManager, PhpMyAdmin, MySQL database), in 3 folders mein app ne work Karna he aur in k zariey app apni Video Status App k admin Panel ko Redirect Kar sken gya

3. MySql Database Connect For Video Status App:

Now You Can Create Database and after Create Database You Can create a User and password for the database and now connect your database to user and gave all permission, now your database is created successfully now follow the next step for the complete tutorial please watch the full video,

4.PhpMyAdmin SQLite:

Now you can open PhpMyAdmin and Select your Created Database and Upload Video.sql file in your selected database. Complete instruction follow the Above Video,

5. File Manager:

You can Upload Your Php App Code in File Manager Public_Html Folder, This Folder in Zip File and After upload Extract this folder into the Public_html folder, Now Edit Yours .env file and Replace your database Url and Database Name,  Now Redirect Your Project with your domain name, now you can see the admin panel login page, simply register and login to your Video Status app admin Panel, Now Create Categories, and Upload Your Videos,
that all for complete setup Watch this video till the end, Your all problem solves in this video 
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