How to Fix app-ads.txt in Admob

How to Fix app-ads.txt in Admob

today as you seen in your admob account show a app-ads.txt option. What is app-ads.txt ? and why use it. i Explain it in this article shortly.
How to Fix app-ads.txt in Admob
How to Fix app-ads.txt in Admob

What is app-ads.txt ? 

app-ads.txt  is about your android app linked admob identity. its show that this app is linked to this admob publisher account.  it is for admob security to use only i admob account in your android app.

How to Fix app-ads.txt in Admob Account:

Sign in to Your Admob Account
go to apps
select all apps
you can see your right sight a option app-ads.txt
go to app-ads.txt
copy all code which shown in app-ads.txt
go to notepad and past it
now save this notebad file as app-ads.txt file name.
Now You can create a note pad file named app-ads.txt
Now you go to your webhosting
and go to hosting Public_html Folder
and past or upload app-ads.txt file init.
thats complete the process now your app-ads.txt file is upload to your webhosting.
Now You open your website ( its show your admob publisher account details in this link.

How to Set app-ads.txt file in Playconsole:

Now go to your play console account and login it
Now go to yours all android apps One by One
Go to Your Published android apps in Playconsole
then go to your first page where we right the app title , description, images etc,
then go to website option and past your website link here (

Now All the Admob app-ads.txt method is complete , Now wait for 24 hours, your website automatically show in app-ads.txt admob account option.

Friend this is the simple and easiest way to set Admob app-ads.txt file in your admob account.  if your problem is not solved then comment  i will try to solve your app-ads.txt problem.

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